Vision Correction


Due to the responsibility relating to duty of care, the NWJSA has developed a policy in regards to all players participating in any event/program arranged by the Association.

This will come into effect for the 2003 soccer season and remain in effect until further notice.

All official documentation must be made available for all those concerned to verify before any player is able to play in any NWJSA authorised game/clinic.

At the discretion of the referee some frames may need to have tape placed around protruding or hinged areas.
Failure to comply with the policy or if the referee does not accept that the style of spectacle frame or lenses is safe will result in the player NOT PLAYING.



These are the preferred vision correction equipment, and then preferably lenses made specifically for sports.


Sports-specific spectacles with frames made from either Polycarbonate or Nylon in one piece with no hinges or separate sides to fracture under impact (readily available within Australia). These frames normally have an elasticised strap attached to the ends which fits around the back of the head to retain the frames on the head during strenuous movements or impact and are normally used for just sports activity.

As an interim measure for 2003 players will be able to wear their conventional “street-wear” frame, provided that they are fitted with prescription lenses made from suitable safety materials and are approved by the referee, with or without necessary taping, prior to kick off. The frames themselves must be made of a suitable material, have no excessive protruding features and preferably be restrained behind the head by some kind of strapping that will retain the frames on the head during strenuous movement.

To all players who must wear glasses whilst playing:

Any player who has to wear spectacles for participating in games must visit an optometrist and obtain a written statement regarding the materials from which the frames and lens have been manufactured. The parent/guardian of those players must submit a copy of this statement to the Association. In addition the team coach must retain a copy of the statement so that it can be produced if the appointed referee requests to view the statement.

Below are listed some common materials that spectacles are manufactured from but please note that not all of these are approved for sports use.

Toughened Glass


Any players/parent who may have a query with this policy should contact the association for further advice.