Parent & Spectators Code of Conduct

As a Parent or Spectator I will:


  1. Respect the decisions of Match Officials and teach children to do the same.
  2. Respect the rights and dignity of all participants at all times.
  3. Never ridicule, criticise or unduly scold a child for making a mistake.
  4. Refrain from engaging in violence, discrimination, harassment or abuse in any form against any person, whether they be spectators, team officials, coaches, match officials or players.
  5. Encourage children to participate, if they are interested. However, if a child is not willing, not force them.
  6. Focus on developing skills, playing the game and doing their best is what they should be trying to achieve. Take the emphasis away from winning.
  7. Set an example by always behaving well. Applaud good play by all players and teams.
  8. Show appreciation for volunteer coaches, officials and administrators.
  9. Not enter the field of play during a game unless prompted by the match official.
  10. Provide a drink bottle with water and encourage players to drink plain water before, during and immediately after sport participation.
  11. Refrain from providing lollies for sport participation. Instead, provide fresh snacks, or oranges for half time or designated breaks.